10 Must See Places in the World

Jonah Andersson July 14, 2012
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10 Must See Places in the World

Whenever I think about travelling the world, there are different places I would have in mind. However, I always run out of options since the places I want to visit are only the usual that we have already seen through other sources.

First of all, for one to enjoy the travel it is wise to choose the best transportation and that is why I would advise that you think about coach hire. In this article, I have outlined some of the best places in the world that I researched and found interesting… and which you should not miss.

Must see places in the World
Photo Credit: Amazon – iStockPhoto

1. The Amazon

if by chance you visit Brazil, Venezuela, Peru or even Colombia that is something you should not ignore. This is the largest rainforest in the world and by visit it, you can come across numberless creatures which are rare and unique.

2. Iceland

This place has the most unique landscape one can ever find. The waterfalls are partially frozen and its sunset and sunrise is something to look forward to. And most surprisingly, there is a population here of outgoing members despite the chill.

3. The Antelope Canyon

This is another canyon located in Arizona that I would not want to miss the sight of. Created from the eroding effect of rivers and streams, the sight of the remaining sandstone structure is something to be amazed about. Why not take a walk and see if you can finally come to an end?

Antelope Canyon by iStockPhoto

5. Santorini Island

I always close my eyes and imagine this spectacular view. This island located off the coast of Greece was the site of an enormous volcanic eruption many years ago. This led to the formation of the beautiful view and also the creation of a famous historical story “The Legend of Atlantis”.

6. The Moraine Lake

At times, a lake can turn out to be something else as in the case of the Moraine Lake. It is found in Alberta, Canada. This is a unique lake as when full, the light rocks from nearby mountains refract to create neon. This shade of blue is something to be mesmerized about mostly because it is created by Mother Nature herself.

7. Pyramids of Giza
This is the only remaining monument of the seven Ancient Wonders of the World. These ancient features are more than 4500 years old, so I definitely have no reason denying myself the opportunity of seeing them.


Santori by iStockPhoto

8. Bora Bora
This is by far one the most beautiful Islands in the world. It is located in French Polynesia, South Pacific. This is the best to relax as the waters are crystal clear and there are luxury accommodations.

9. Great Barrier Reef

This is a place I would not miss for anything. I love diving and fishing. The reef offers the best opportunity to do all these and other water related activities.

Must See Places in the World
Bora Bora

10. Uluru

I first recognized this feature from The Adventures Down Under. It is located in the middle of the Australian Outback. This is an amazing feature as it measures 9.4 kilometres round and approximately 340 above surface. What is even more astonishing is the number of kilometres lying below the surface.


Must See Places in the World
Taj Mahal in India

11. Taj Mahal

Built in 1653, this Indian love monument is still as immaculate as it was when it was built. It has a garden along the classical Persian lines that gives it a spectacular look.

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