Must-Have Equipment List When Camping

Jonah Andersson August 16, 2013
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camping equipment must have

Must-Have Equipment List When Camping

camping equipment must have

Whoever loves the outdoors loves life itself! When one is faced by the unwavering majesty of nature, one must make the decision to survive, or give up and go home. Having a tremendous camping experience, I can honestly say that bringing all the necessary tools and equipment is essential for having good, save and most importantly, fun time while frolicking in the great outdoors. The first thing any avid outdoors-man must do before proceeding exposing himself to the elements, is to make a detailed list, featuring all the tools and equipment he will using while experience nature first hand.



A great thing about sleeping in the wild is that you can set up your house anywhere you like, as long as it is away from dangerous predators. Now you may be asking yourself ‘What kind of sleeping accommodations must I bring for my trip to the woods”? Well, if you are anything like me you would want to have at least some sort of a roof over your head. That is why I like to bring at least  a tent, and a large enough sleeping bag. You can also bring warm blankets and a pillow, if that is more to your liking. If you are going with a car or something, you can spoil yourself some and bring yourself and air mattress and an air pump, just to kick it back a little bit and maybe take a dip if there is a lake or something similar close by.



When exploring the wilderness, it is always a good idea to bring some sort of a self-defense apparatus; be it automatic, semi-automatic, incapacitating or even a blade weapon. I know that most of you don’t like the concept ‘cruelty to animals’, but when that bear comes knocking brother, you’d better be wearing your fighting shoes, for there aren’t any hospitals in the woods. Bear mace will do wonders against bears, and as far as other hostile critters go; well like I said you’d better be ready for anything.


Food and Drinks

Not all people are big fans of foraging while they are on their camping excursions. That is why bringing with you an improvised kitchen set will actually be beneficial for your food situation, without having to bother looking for food yourself. A simple field kitchen can include: a dutch oven, a gas burner, a folding table and a fork. You can of course customize your set up, depending on what you wish to cook. But overall all you need to begin with is some dry timber and a match box, the rest is essentially up to you. Plastic bottles, canteens and a thermos is all you need to store your cold/hot beverages. A cooler is ideal for storing cold, refreshing drinks during the hot summer days while nature hiking through out great country.



Being left stranded in the woods sure isn’t a fun way to go. As a matter of fact it is one of the worst things that could possibly happen to a person during his lifetime. To avoid such malevolent unpleasantness from happening, we must be prepared to meet even the unexpected. Having all the essential supplies with you could mean the difference between a nice, relaxing camping trip and making the headlines of tomorrow’s newspaper. Things you need will include: A box of matches, a flashlight, a radio walkie-talkie, a first aid kit, a knife and preferably a flair gun is all you will be needing for the trip. Like my father used to say ‘Better be safe than sorry”! 


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