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Jonah Andersson October 1, 2012
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A music themed trip is the best way to explore the musical heritage of the locals and unravel interesting trivia. The best of musicians have risen to fame in Europe, making it the most sought after destination for a music trip. Some of the places in Europe that still reverberate with ancient music are discussed below.


Apart from being acknowledged for its food and romance, the French capital is one of the most visited music destinations. Music is the backdrop for the romantic whisperings of this land. The music scene of Paris is strongly felt in its many venues. La Cigale is an exquisite venue which hosts quite a few of the world’s best musicians. The ancient musical venue dates back to the early 19th century.


The Austrian music destination has many renowned musicians such as Arnold Schönberg and Franz Schubert who hail from Vienna. The venues showcase how Austrian music has evolved over the years. Travelers can marvel at the works of Austrian musicians such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The land has many opera houses that are reputed for their elegant architecture and wonderful music.


Recently London has been in the news for a song publication called Singing Histories. The booklet attempts to relate the history of London through a song. The music scene at London glorifies the works of legends such as Beethoven and Mozart.

The city is fraught with impressive music auditoriums that host splendid performances. . For the last 100 years the city has witnessed the best of London’s music. Popular landmarks of London such as the Abbey Road have shot to even greater fame after the Abbey Road album by The Beatles.


The Scottish city has quietly asserted itself in the world map as an emerging music destination. Many artists who are yet to make a statement have got their first break in Glasgow. The venues differ from their European counterparts in being smaller. Pubs rather than auditoriums are popular venues. The city is best known for contemporary music as it lacks the old-world charm of destinations such as Vienna. It was recognized as a UNESCO city of music in 2008.


Prague is renowned for classical music renditions which are strongly experienced in places such as the Czech Museum of Music. Here you will find over 700,000 items that document how music has changed over the years. The best of Prague’s culture and music is witnessed at the International Music Festival held during spring. The festival which began in 1946 was initially an outcry of joy after the oppressive Nazi rule came to a halt. Prague’s spring festival hosts some of the best musicians of Czech Republic.


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