Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations

July 16, 2011
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Honeymoon is undeniably the most passionate trip any couple could share together. This is the perfect moment of celebrating the joy of marriage in all the amusing and cheerful places.

Choosing the best honeymoon destinations is most important and should be considered carefully. This is not something you buy off a retail store that can just be set aside and forgotten the next day if you didn’t enjoy it. This is your time, a time when the two of you have the luxury of time exploring places together while at the same time making sweet memories to last a lifetime.

If couples should decide to spend their honeymoon off–shore, here are the best destinations you can choose from:

1. Seychelles

It is an island located northeast of Madagascar. This magnificent place features high class resorts, coral islands and luxurious honeymoon suites. A home to endemic plants and species, this island is best for the adventurous couple who loves to explore rare fauna and flora species. Most of the island’s numerous hotels offer total privacy and seclusion for rest and relaxation. Seychelles is the top most favorite destination of cheap flights aircraft.

2. Maldives

Maldives may only be a small country in Asia but it is a developing country in which honeymooners who availed of cheap flights can enjoy a nature trip. The serenity and beauty is evident in the country’s long, sandy beaches, beautiful coral reefs and mysterious lagoons. If you fancy a nice tan and the exciting scuba diving this is the perfect place for you.

3. Jamaica

This is the third most beautiful place for your honeymoon, just perfect for cheap flights Perth. This place is where the most beautiful and genuine beaches in the world are located. You can enjoy a day under the sun with all your personal inhibitions set aside.

4. New York

The city that holds the statue of liberty offers a fantastic nightlife which is ideal for couples who love to frolic around while enjoying a frenetic nightlife with the abundance of cultural attractions. There are also cheap flights to New York available. This place now comes affordable for honeymooners.

5. Egypt

The most populous country in middle-east is popular for its Great Pyramids of Giza and Great Sphinx. This is a popular city for honeymoon destination because it is filled with rich artistry and history that boasts of romantic destinations for couples to explore and enjoy.

It also offers interesting scuba diving and beautiful underwater tourism destinations. Egypt is also a perfect place for booking of cheap flights.

6. Hawaii

This country is rich in glorious beaches and intimate dinners for couples. Couples can indulge in sunset cruises and midnight picnics. They can also stroll along the beautiful beaches or get involve in Polynesian dance parties.

7. Mauritius

This is one of the favorite honeymoon destinations of the rich and famous because this country has stunning beaches, luxurious resorts and deep, blue lagoons. The local cuisine is also appealing to every honeymooner’s taste. There are also packages for cheap flights to this beautiful country.

8. Dubai

Dubai is the shopping epicenter of the world. This is a perfect wedding present for honeymooners. They can enjoy relaxing on the poolside or on the beach. They can also take their romantic dinner with the finest cuisines in the world.

Also, this country is rich with both ancient and modern attraction that the couple can enjoy.

This list is merely an inspiration to entice honeymooners to explore. Not all trips abroad are expensive as before. There are many cheap flights to these favorite destinations in the offing. Travel agents Perth is very knowledgeable about these countries and they are the most reliable source for airline promotions and tour packages through cheap flights. As the best travel agent, they are just a phone call away, and are always ready to answer all your queries and much needed information.

In world that is constantly changing, it is great to see that love truly is constant and remains to be the best thing that should be celebrated in the best honeymoon destinations.

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