Take your Journey to Malapascua Island

August 18, 2011
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Malapascua Island, Philippines

Malapascua Island, translated to “bad christmas” is situated in the Visayan Sea, located across a shallow strait from the northernmost tip of Cebu Island.

malapascua island Philippines
Malapascua Island, Cebu Philippines

Administratively, it is part of the insular barangay of Logon ,Daanbantayan Municipality, Cebu Province, the Philippines. Malapascua is a tiny island, only about 2.5 kilometers long and 1 km wide, and has eight hamlets.

It was discovered early ’90s. It is a diving destination, white sand beach known as Bounty Beach.  it has also become known for its beautiful coral gardens and excellent local dive spots, as well as further-out sites including Gato Island, Monad Shoal, and Kemod Shoal. Monad Shoal is an underwater plateau where thresher sharks and manta rays can be sighted on a regular basis.


malapascua island
Malapascua Island

Malapascua is a paradise that time has stood still.

There are many resorts in this Island. Exotic Island Dive and Beach Resort is one among many. It is located in southern part of Malapascua. And is set directly on the eastern end of Bounty Beach.

Make Exotic Resort as your first choice when you visit Malapascua Island especially those who like to scuba diving. Exotic Resort is 5* PADI dive operator.

The first class accommodations, in house 5* PADI shop, international restaurant, bakery, fully stocked bar, coffee corner, land and sea transfers, Exotic spa, travel service, dive safaris, Internet café and convenience store; not to mention a perfect white sand beach for the exclusive use of the customers.

malapascua island

How to get to Malapascua Island?

It is a long travel but make you breathless when you step onto this Island. A perfect place to escape your daily life and good for state of relaxation.

From Cebu take a bus or car up to the port of Maya, then boat to Malapascua Island. If you want an easy way have the resort to arrange your transfer from Cebu Airport going straight to Malapascua.

It cost you from $70-$100. If you want to save some money you can take a taxi from Cebu Airport to Northern Bus Terminal. Take a Ceres Liner Bus going to Maya for P95. This will take you to Maya Port. When you arrive in Maya port  buy a ticket for P50/person for public boat. But beware of the scam in Maya they always said that there will be no boat going to Malapascua but it is not true. Boat going to Malapascua until 6 pm. The boat will wait until they will be full to leave. Just wait. But if you don’t want to wait then you can get a private boat for P1000 – P2000 depends upon the weather.

malapascua island

Keep some small change in pesos. You may need it for porters. Also, if it is low tide, you will have to get a small rowing boat (“boaty”) to the banka ferry. This costs 10-20 pesos per person and per bag.

Enjoy your journey!

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