Top 5 Low Cost HoneyMoon Destinations

Jonah Andersson November 21, 2011
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Once all of the wedding preparation has passed, the stress of the actual day going off without a hitch is behind you, it is time for you and your new spouse to really relax and enjoy the first weeks and months of being married.

Planning a honeymoon that is as beautiful and perfect as the wedding can cost you an arm and a leg, but it doesn’t have to. You can plan a honeymoon that is still special enough to give you hours of relaxation and memories that will last a lifetime without starting your married life in debt.

An outstanding, yet affordable honeymoon will need to be romantic, as this is what it is all about after all, a honeymoon you will both be able to equally enjoy. If this is what you are looking for you won’t find many better options than these five, tried, tested and proven low cost honeymoon destinations:

Kauai, Hawaii’s speciality honeymoon island comes in at number one, but like all destinations it is best at certain times of the year. In the case of Kauai this is between September and November. At this time you can guarantee pleasant weather but best of all the airfares to and from the island are at their lowest as is the accommodation once you get there.

Kauai can be as restive as you want to make it but if you are of an adventuresome type you can keep yourself busy hiking along the Na Pali Coast and go kayaking down the exciting Wailua River. Kauai is known as Hawaii’s island of discovery and this will come as no surprise as you trek the 50 miles of exquisite beaches stretching from Poipu Beach through to Hanalei Bay. The island is full of historic and charming little towns such as Koloa, where the coconut palms are higher than any building in the town, and of course there is always the magic of Hanapepe.

Maui at Sunset

Maui, another of the Hawaiian islands, is an ideal low priced honeymoon destination especially if you enjoy roughing it a bit. It is loaded with jungles for you both to explore as well volcanoes. Hiking in the Waianapanapa State Park to wonder at its black sandy beaches and glistening water is an experience to remember in itself.

If you feel the black beach at Waianapanapa is unusual the most memorable will no doubt be the red sand at Kaihalulu Beach. You can easily walk this red sandy beach and imagine yourself being on Mars. You will definitely get an out of this world experience at Kaihalulu Beach. The red sand originated from a long past volcanic eruption that resulted in the volcanic cinders covering the shore. It is in direct contrast to sparkling turquoise water you will find off the west coast of the island.


 Mexico has long been a favourite destination for newly married couples. They have always flocked to Mexico’s wide sandy beaches but the latest attraction is a spa vacation – a honeymoon that soothes your mind as it pampers your body. If you and your spouse feel your spirits could do with a bit of an uplifting after all the wedding excitement you have recently gone through, what better way to relax and rejuvenate together, than a romantic spa getaway. A perfect place for lovers to begin their married life together. Frequent air services connecting Mexico City with its adorable island retreats are well worth putting on your must visit list.


The islands of Fiji are ideal for couples looking for a romantic holiday and are particularly memorable as a honeymoon destination. There are special honeymoon packages arranged to make your stay a very memorable time of your life, while helping you make savings on everything you need to book. You have a choice of a large range of accommodation options, all with that little extra to make your honeymoon stay more special. Fiji is the ideal romantic escape. Fijians are among some of the friendliest people in the world and from the very moment you and your new spouse arrive you will both be stuck by the island’s natural beauty along with the genuine, natural kind heartedness that is offered by the local people. Any stress you might have been feeling will melt away immediately as you take in the warm tropical climate and casual atmosphere.

Fiji Island


Indonesia’s contribution to the happiness of the world’s newlyweds is Bali. Bali is the place where you can celebrate your tying of the knot with your new spouse with low cost accommodation and an active nightlife second to nowhere else in the world. The Asian island’s natural beauty and romantic environment have attracted millions of newlyweds from around the world to celebrate their married life together here for decades. It will feel as though the soft breeze of

Bali actually blows romance your way as you strive to capture every second of a most exciting and unforgettable moment. Bali offers special honeymoon packages that range from three days to six all of which have a romantic itinerary that you can customise to suit your own tastes and budget. While honeymooning in Bali you will be able to charter an ultra modern fishing boat or sailing ketch along with an expert crew to sail around the Indonesian Spice Islands at your own leisurely pace.


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