Interesting Facts About Men and Beer (Infographic)

Jonah Andersson December 11, 2013
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Facts About Men and Beer – A Match Made in Heaven

The global beer market had total revenues of $509,554.3m in 2012 and is expected to drive the market to a value of $586,740.7m by the end of 2017. When it comes to alcohol, men quite simply love beer. Why is this relationship so strong and what has made this unbreakable bond even stronger through the centuries?

History of Beer – Prohibition to Widespread Consumption

To truly understand the relationship between men and beer, we must understand the historical timeline of how brewing evolved, and where the industry is still at its strongest today – the USA.

1650 – 1800: The Early Days of Beer Brewing in America
1800 – 1865: Brewing Operations Begin to Expand
1865 – 1920: Brewing Becomes a Powerful Industry
1920 – 1933: Beer’s Dark Years – Prohibition
1933 – 1945: The Industry Comes Back To Life
1945 – 1980: After WWII, the Industry Continues to Grow
1980 – 2000: The Microbrewery Movement & Internationalisation
2000 – 2013: Multi-Billion Dollar Industry & Craft Beers on the rise

Scientific Breakdown – Why Do Men Love beer?

The Indiana Alcohol Research Centre carried out a study focusing on the specific link between men and why they love beer so much. The study found:

The taste of beer releases a chemical in the brain which makes people want to drink more
Beers taste, without any affect from alcohol, can trigger the production of dopamine in the brain
The study focused on the brains of 49 men after drinking beer and after tasting Gatorade, a sports drink
Results revealed significantly more dopamine activity following the taste of beer over Gatorade
Participants craved beer after tasting the small sample and did not get the same response with the sports drink, even though many thought it tasted better

The World’s Strongest Beers Have Always Appealed to Men

Man has always been drawn to strong alcohol and in particular, strong beer. Some men prefer drinking less quantities of these stronger beers, enjoying the stronger taste over drinking vast quantities of mainstream lighter beers. The increased popularity of men sampling stronger volume beers at Beer Festivals, Micro Breweries and Specialist Bars all over the world, is a growing trend set to continue.
Interesting Fact: The World’s Strongest Beer is Brewmeister’s Armageddon Beer which has a 65% abv.

Beer Fest – A Celebration of All Things Beer

Beer Festivals are celebrated all over the world and the most popular is Oktoberfest, celebrated annually in Munich. It takes place over 16 days and begins in the last week of September. Over 6 million people attended Oktoberfest in 2013. They consumed 6.7 million litres of beer and spent 400 million Euro. Such has been the commercial success of this event, that is has replicated on a smaller scale at events taking place across the globe.

Men & Beer Advertising Stereotypes

The Grocer, the FMCG Industries leading print and online magazine, reported on a recent survey on beer advertising:
36% of 2000 adults surveyed thought that beer ads have become outdated
69% said that all grocery ads aimed at men are stereotypical and outdated
76% of 18-24 year olds said ads aimed at men are completely outdated
54% of women and 47% of men want to see more unisex type ads in the future

Beer & Food – The Perfect Pairing

Combining your favourite beers with your favourite foods is a great way to maximise the flavours from your meal. Complimentary pairings include:
Cheese, Sandwiches & Pizza
Chicken, Seafood & Pasta
Fries & Fried Foods
Burgers, Steak & Roasted Meats
Spicy Dishes

Infographic about men and beers



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