How To Increase Your Hotel Room Safety?

Jonah Andersson September 9, 2015
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How To Increase Your Hotel Room Safety?

Don’t Worry, We Know & We Are Alert”.  You always say that but how much do you really mean? Well, when you are on your vacation, the last thing you are worried about is the ‘Hotel Safety’. When you are accommodating in the hotels in London for example, there are lot of things you need to consider.

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Basic hotel threats

After returning from the long hectic day, exploring the ruins or sampling the French wines to ensure that your hotel room has been ransacked is a surefire to put a damper on the otherwise amazing trip but besides some common menaces, break-ins, fires, natural disasters and terrorist attacks are some of the more potential threats to the safety of travellers in the hotel rooms.  Although we don’t recommend you to be too paranoid about mentioned things—but there are few more precautions you need to take protect against more common risks such as- burglary or fire.

Let’s read on our more hotel room security tips

Safety tips before you stay

Long before you stay in hotel make sure you do some homework from your end. Ensure about the safety situation in the country or the city you will be visiting. Is there a terrorism threat? Are tourists often targeted there in local crimes? Are there more regions or cities that are rather secured than others? For more information, see the Travel Warnings and Advisories.

While booking hotel, don’t just pay attention to the rates, infrastructure and amenities but also pay a close attention to location. Is the hotel located in upscale residential neighbourhood, seedy commercial area? Is it safe to move out after the dark? Is there any nearby police station?

By coming together, all these factors could potentially affect the likelihood of a break-in or assault during your stay. You can surf the online guidebook to receive the neighbourhood information.

What to look in a hotel room safety?

  • Make sure to find a hotel that is having modern electronic guest room locks. As the abundant of these locks automatically change the lock combination with every new guest, there won’t be no a zero chance of someone having the duplicate key to your room.
  • Ensure that each hotel room telephone should allow outside dialing. This facility will enable you to call up for the help during any urgency or danger. You can directly call police station or other hotel staff for the help.
  • There should be secure locks on the windows and adjoining doors along with the well-lit interior hallways, grounds and parking structures.
  • Hotels must have the limited access to the hotel structure. If there would the more limited access, there would be less likely a trespasser will enter.
  • While living in any apart hotel makes sure that there is a parking garage without elevators. It should only go to the lobby.
  • Hotels that have limited access to hotel structure, generally the more limited the access; the less likely a trespasser will enter.
  • The parking garage should not have elevators taking passengers to guest floors. It should only go to the lobby.
  • Hotels must have the personnel trained in guest security that is available for the escorts to rooms and auto when it is required or requested.

Moreover, be alert during stay, while checking in and checking out of the hotels so that you could have a safe and secure living experiences.


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