Haunted Tube Stations in London for Tourists to Explore

Jonah Andersson July 3, 2012
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The London underground serves a large part of the capital city and is an ultimate source of transport for both tourists and Londoners. The London underground is more than 140 years old and traverses most historic sites of the capital city. Some of the tube stations are said to be spooky as they were disturbed by what was laid centuries ago. It is no surprise that you will get to hear many strange tales about London underground stations.

The next time you are exploring the capital city through London underground, bear in mind that you may see something weird in front of your eyes. Here are some of the ghosts that are reputed to haunt London undergrounds since years now.

Aldgate Tube Station:

This London underground is sited in the City of London between Liverpool Street and Tower Hill. It was opened in the year 1876 and this was said to be built on the site of a plague pit where many dead bodies were buried during the plague of 1665. Tourists those who choose to stay in London hotels close to these tube stations, beware and please mind the ghost.

Bakerloo Line:

Londoners travelling over the years to north on the Bakerloo Line have several times reported a ghostly reflection in the carriage window as someone is sitting right next to them; however on contrary to this the seat is actually empty when it is seen.

Bank & Monument Complex:

These two undergrounds are interlinked and is the seventh busiest station on the network. The names of these tube stations originate from nearby Bank of England and Monument to the Great Fire of London city. This is haunted by a lady dressed in black and has acquired the name of Black Nun. She is the ghost of Sarah, Philip Whitehead’s sister. She came to the station every day in the hope of finding her brother who was hanged for forging cheques. Sarah’s ghost has been seen on several occasions and people have reported of some inexplicable smell and feeling of immense sadness at the station.

British Museum Tube Station:

This London underground on Circle Line is abandoned as this was said to be haunted by the spirit of an Egyptian Princess who was long dead and whose remains are there near to the British Museum. A national newspaper once threw a challenge that a reward will be given to anyone who would dare to a night at the station but none accepted the challenge.

Farringdon Station:

Anne Naylor, a 13 year old hat maker was murdered by her trainer and her daughter in the year 1758. Travellers report to hear her shrieks resonating down the station.

Tourists fascinated by these stories, can dare to visit any of these and get the spookiest experience of their lifetime.

Author’s Bio- Abhinav Jain is the associate editor of Londonhotels4u.com where travellers can book London hotels close to the best of London landmarks, attractions and entertainment destinations of the city. Visitors looking for fun in the capital city will be spoilt for choices.

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