France Ticks all the Boxes

Jonah Andersson February 13, 2013
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France Travel
France Travel
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France Ticks all the Boxes

Every country in the world offers something to travellers, perhaps an interesting landmark or two or a collection of historic buildings. There are good reasons to visit just about every nation on the planet, but few destinations can manage to tick as many boxes as France can.

Here are five excellent reasons to go French in the coming months.

The sightseeing

France is home to hundreds, maybe even thousands, of fascinating landmarks, spectacular monuments, enchanting art galleries, intriguing museums and picturesque views. Everywhere you look there is something more to see, so be sure to bring your camera. Paris has been a favourite with city break tourists for many years now, thanks to some of the most instantly recognisable attractions in the world.

The beaches

Needless to say, France is far more than just its enigmatic capital city. The coastlines to the west and the south offer a range of fabulous beaches which provide the perfect opportunity to lie back and relax in the sun. Long expanses of golden sand are just waiting to be enjoyed by visitors and residents alike, so if you’re in the mood for a slow, lazy holiday without a care in the world, you know where to go.

The countryside

Compared roughly to the UK, France is twice as large but with the same population, and because of this there are plenty of wide open spaces to be savoured. Many areas of the country are still largely rural, full of charming villages and achingly beautiful and thoroughly unspoilt landscapes. A country cottage vacation in many areas provides a genuine chance to really get away from it all.

The skiing

You could be forgiven for thinking France was simply a destination for those who want to go away in the summer, but you’d be way off the mark. In the colder months, many French regions come alive, eager to offer a haven for those who love their winter sports. There is some wonderful skiing to be had on the slopes of the Alps, for example, and many of the local towns have a noticeable buzz of excitement as soon as October comes around.

The golf

Golfing holidays have become increasingly popular in recent years, and travellers who love to enjoy a few rounds with friends will be delighted to know there are several impressive courses throughout the country. These venues are generally located close to top quality hotels and, as you might expect from a nation that is somewhat obsessed by food, a range of exceptional restaurants.


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