Finding the Best Bargains in Qatar

Jonah Andersson November 27, 2013
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Shopping Qatar

Finding the Best Bargains in Qatar

In Qatar, it is possible for you to buy pretty much anything you want. This country considers shopping to be a major pursuit of leisure and the fact that prices are cheaper here than in Dubai, it tends to attract thousands of tourists into cities such as Doha each year. Doha especially is thronged with a number of malls that house some of the best brands of the world. In addition to this, these malls also offer excellent restaurants and entertainment.

Shopping Qatar

Shopping in Qatar

The best shopping experiences in the country however, can be had in the many souqs that are located in Doha and other parts of the country.

Souq Waqif

Located very close to the Corniche, Souq Waqif is a must visit for shopping enthusiasts as well as people who wish to visit a tourist attraction in their own right. There are a number of new restaurants that have opened up along the main walking street, making it a popular spot for an affordable meal. Wander around the alleys of this market to buy yourself some spices, fabrics and traditional craft items. Travellers love to take back with them pashminas, salt pepper shakers and perfumes of Arabia.

Gold Souq

Located next to the Al-Ghanim Central Bus Station, the gold souk is a great place to explore Qatari custom piece jewellery. Here you will also find some readymade items on sale. Remember that the prices here are based on weight but one can still negotiate. This souk is made up of rows of shops that line the Ali Bin Abdullah Street. In addition to this, it also includes a few small alleyways and a small covered area that can pass off to be a mall.

Wholesale Market

With the help of a car rental from airport on your arrival, you may also stop by the wholesale market that makes a part of the central market off Salwa Road. A Qatari version of a Farmer’s market, here you will find some fresh fish and seafood such as crabs, crayfish and lobsters. You will also be able to purchase some great meats and fresh vegetables. In the vegetable souk you can rub shoulders with chefs from some of the best restaurants.

The Omani Souq

Your shopping trip to Qatar isn’t considered complete without a trip to the Omani Souq where you can purchase a variety of traditional spices and nuts. Unlike its fancier siblings around, this souq exhibits a rather traditional environment. Here you will also be able to pick up some great pottery items and garden supplies.

With the help of your favourite car rental from the airport, you can drive around Doha and explore all the malls and souqs at your own leisure without having to carry your shopping bags around.

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