The Fascinating Community of Broome

Jonah Andersson February 19, 2013
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Broome Australia Beach

The Fascinating Community of Broome

The many activities and sites in and around Broome, Australia provide the opportunity for unique holidays. Taking advantage of car hire services enables guests the freedom to come and go at will while enjoying any number of destinations. The northwestern Kimberly community has centuries of culture and history ripe for exploration.

Broome Australia Beach
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The Staircase to the Moon is but one of the interesting natural features found around Broome. Venture to Roebuck Bay to witness this unusual phenomenon. From March through October, for two to three days around the full moon, the orb’s illumination creates a display over the tidal flats that resembles a staircase leading up to the surface of the moon. When the tides drop below two metres at Gantheaume Point, visitors have the chance to see 130 million year old footprints made by prehistoric creatures. The site bears the prints of five different dinosaur species that include the Meologsauropus Broomensis, the Stegosaurus and the Theropod.

Pearl diving and farming are part of Broome’s long history. Venturing to Chinatown sheds light on this often dangerous industry. Explore the many pearl showrooms in the area, learn about different types of pearls, and see the array of jewellery made using the prized stones. On Dampier Terrace, guests tour historic Pearl Luggers used for obtaining the pearls. Learn about the history of the industry and watch demonstrations of diving gear. Hear the harrowing stories about pearl diving and the many hazards involved. Travel 38 kilometres north of Broome in the car hire vehicle and visit the Willie Creek Pearl Farm. Tours of the facility include demonstrations of the live oyster seeding process.

Broome, Australia

If interested in seeing local scenery and gaining a bit of cultural perspective, go behind the popular Cable Beach and onto Minyirr Park. Located in the sand dunes, the destination offers 22 kilometres of colour coded hiking trails.

Visit the many habitats filled with a variety of animal and plant species. Owned and cared for by the local Rubibi people, Minyirr also offers the opportunity for learning about the local Aborigines. See how the Aborigines in this area continue living in harmony with their environment. Considered the birthplace of dreamtime, the people willingly share their heritage. Guides discuss many aspects of their culture that includes song cycles and traditional bush medicines.

For a glimpse of the wildlife that inhabits the Kimberly region, drive 16 kilometres from Broome to the Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Park and Animal Refuge. The unique destination serves as home to numerous birds, reptiles and mammals including cassowaries, dingoes and euros along with a large population of kangaroos and wallabies. The crocodile farm remains one of the main attractions at the park. The facility houses approximately 200 crocodiles and provides live demonstrations of the animal’s ferocious nature. Various shaded paths meander throughout the park and journey to large aviaries that offer the chance to observe many different colourful bird species.

Take a delightful journey 19 kilometres from Broom and visit the Mango Place. Located amongst 12 miles of lush property that features a mango farm, the facility manufactures a wide selection of products from the native tropical fruit. Part of the property has a tropical garden and paths lead through the picturesque gardens and around the farm itself. Taste mango wine, candy or ice cream while relaxing in the beautiful outdoor area. Explore the store that houses everything from candles and lotions to chutneys and vinegars.


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