Experience Benidorm Holidays With These Must-Have Items

Jonah Andersson August 14, 2013
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Benidorm, Costa Blanca, Spain. Levante beach.

Experience Benidorm Holidays With These Must-Have Items


Benidorm, Costa Blanca, Spain. Levante beach.
Benidorm, Costa Blanca, Spain. Levante beach. (Credit: GetImages)


Be Prepared

Of all my travels, some of my favourite experiences have been during my Benidorm holidays.  Benidorm is a lovely seaside resort on the infamous Costa Blanca in Spain.  The nature is breath-taking, the people are beautiful, and there is so much to do that you’ll probably find yourself not wanting to leave when your visit is over.  However, when you leave your hotel, just like on any other vacation you need to make sure that you’re prepared.  Let’s look at the things you need to bring with you when you leave your hotel.


Benidorm, Costa Blanca, Spain
Benidorm, Costa Blanca, : Spain (Credit: GettyImages)

Translation Dictionary

The first major concern you may have is about the language especially if you don’t have a firm grasp on Spanish.  Luckily, since Benidorm holidays are very common and most customers of stores and restaurants expect that not everyone will know Spanish, there are an abundance of bilingual speakers that can speak English.  Nonetheless, it is always a good idea to bring along some sort of translation dictionary.

translation while travelling

Your Best Friend: Your Phone

While your main goal is to enjoy yourself and it may seem counter-productive to bring a phone, it is a very valuable tool to have with you.  I’ll also note that there are many Spanish to English translation apps for smartphones these days that could be used in place of a physical dictionary.  Not only that, but if you get lost, a phone makes it easy to contact the resort to get help.  Even though I have spent a lot of time in Benidorm, I still occasionally get lost and it’s nice to know that help is available if you need it.  If you do have a smartphone you can also use it to look up local information like store hours and taxi numbers in a pinch.


using phone for travelling

Money Talks

Thirdly, make sure you bring money, of course.  Things in Benidorm cost a pretty standard amount so you don’t need to stuff your wallet before a trip into town, but make sure you have enough for a little shopping at stores or gift shops, eating at restaurants, even going to spas or whatever you plan to do.  If you just plan to site-see and go to a few pubs or cafes, you can get away with not bringing very much at all.


using money in travelling

The Map of it All

The last main thing that you’ll want to make sure to bring is a map.  My best travel tip in general is to always plan your trips ahead of time.  To do this you should get a map of the surrounding area and highlight different places that you plan on seeing.  This will make it easy to find where you are and make alterations in your day plan as you go.

map during travel

Short List

These are the main things that you’ll want to bring with you when you leave your hotel during your Benidorm holidays.  Feel free to adjust this short list however you see fit before your actual trip.  Once you have your list make sure that you have a way of remembering it so that you can perform a mental check every time you head out.  Benidorm is an amazing resort with many nearby parks, markets, and water attractions, so make sure you see as much of it as you can.


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