Experience Culture And History On Your Next Europe Trip

August 8, 2011
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A lot of us go on holidays just for the sun, but why not explore the city life and learn some history on your vacation. There is a story behind every great city, take for example Rome. The capital began as a tiny village and overtime expanded into a massive empire that dominated the Mediterranean region for centuries.

The man who supported the insurgency was Julius Caesar, a Roman general and politician that was once adored and respected by the Romans. In 409 AD, Rome was overtaken by millions of barbarians who flooded the city and the Roman army was not prepared to stop them. The migration was too much to stem and this eventually led to the collapse of the Roman empire.

Therefore one can say Rome played a vital role in European history, hence the slogan “the eternal city”. So before you find flights to Rome, do some research about the city to take full advantage on your arrival and learn its history.

Another remarkable place is Barcelona. There are two different legends about the foundation of Barcelona, the first one indicates that the city was established by Hercules 400 years before the construction of Rome and the second states that the city was founded by Hamilcar Barca, who called the city Barcino.

The Romans overran the city in 15 BC and they built a military base to continue their rain of dominance. Throughout the centuries, Barcelona was overwhelmed by plagues and wars, however, it eventually thrived to become a dynamic and unique city that attracts thousands of visitors each year. When you next plan to visit Barcelona, try to explore the historical values and if you shop around you will find Barcelona flights at affordable prices.

Faro is also a city with an intriguing historical background. The Romans once conquered these lands and the walls they built in the ninth century still stand in the old parts of the city. When you’re travelling around Faro you will find many monuments and landmarks, such as the Faro Cathedral, which was restored after the 1755 earthquake. Faro has some wonderful beaches, local entertainment and historical sites for your pleasure, so start preparing for your holiday by finding cheap flights to Faro today.

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