Entertaining Friends In Paris

July 21, 2011
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If you are planning to entertain friends in Paris, then you have a wide array of activities, entertainment, meals, and attractions to choose. Paris, the France’s Capital has a wide variety of fun activities to choose. You have stadiums where many sporting events take place, as well as a variety of nightlife spots. When planning to entertain friends in Paris, keep in mind that it is cheaper to purchase promotional, discount, travel, or vacation packages. The flights are incorporated into the expense of the packages. If you are taking a group of friends, search for the group packages to help you and your friends save money.

Choosing Passes in Paris:
Purchasing group passes before you leave on your trip is a way to save money. Of course, some packages include passes. You will find bus passes online, as well as passes to monuments and museums. The passes for monuments and museums are nice, since you visit over 50 establishments on a single pass. Look for the group passes to save you money. The nicety about passes is that the pass provides you transportation where you will be taking back and forth from your destination.

Choosing places to stay in Paris:
Paris has a variety of hotels for your convenient. However, if you intend to take friends with you, you may want to look into apartment prices. The apartments offer you more space. You have a wide array of apartments on various islands around Paris. Hotel rooms can cost anywhere from $100 and up per night. Shop online where you will find apartments to help you save money. You can also choose the group packages that will save you money as well. Online you will find travel, vacation, promotional, and group packages for your convenience. The packages will include airfare, entertainment, activities, and more. The meals are not included in most packages, yet you will receive coupons or discounts to help save you money.

How to choose entertainment:
Paris offers you a wide array of entertaining spots. You have monuments, museums, nightspots, art shows and more. Cancan dancers will entertain you in Paris, or you can choose to dance the night away with your friends.

Paris by Night

If your friends or you have not been on a cruise you may want to look into Paris cruises. The boat I want to cruise on is the glass boat. Image traveling Paris’s waters on a large aquarium. The glass boat enables you to watch the life under water

while enjoy life on a luxurious boat. The boat seats you at nice tables in the front where you will enjoy a nice meal, fine wine, Champaign and more. I am sure that your friends will thank you for years to come.

Paris is famous for its outstanding lights, culture, scenery, arts, music and more. Paris has attracted many famous people, including Johnny Depp, B.B. King, Katherine Hepburn, and more. I would love to turn a corner and run into Johnny Depp himself.

This would leave a lasting memory for years to come while visiting Paris. In Paris your friends may enjoy the many shows offered in the hotels or establishments. Paris offers you puppet shows, cancan dancers, musical shows, theatre and more. One of Paris’s main attractions is the Eiffel Tower. Perhaps your friends and you will enjoy a day on the town visiting the many famous areas.

How to choose food:
Paris has hundreds of restaurants. No matter what you and your friends enjoy, you will find it in Paris. Paris meals include pizza, French dishes, modern meals and more.


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