Travel and Enjoy Dhermi, Albania

Jonah Andersson September 17, 2011
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Dhermi, Albania

Dhermi is the second village a traveller will see once past the Llogara Pass and its countrywide park. Positioned in the middle of a 7km long beach, at the foot of Acroceraunian mountains, overseeing a marvelous Ionian sea and amongst the green olives grooves and citrus plantations, the town has gotten a wonderful beauty.

The foundation of the settlement is lost in the history. Himara region, in which the village is constituted, has been inhabited by the Epirote clan of Chaonians. Philip of Macedonia (pa of Alexander the Great) attacked Himara in 214 BC. In 167 B.C, it was a Roman naval base. Julius Caesar was the 1st great leader that set his foot in the adjacent beach in his battle against Pompeus.

Dhermi, Albania Beach
Dhermi, Albania Beach

Dhermi is a spot where the allure from the deep, clean, blue Ionian sea is combined with the clear and healthy air of the mountains. Protected in the North from the winds by the cape of Karaburuni, the town is quite attractive even during winter times, not to mention during summer. Cited as one of the pearls of the Albanian Riviera, it is clearly one of the most enticing locations in Albania, stated as such in all tourist- and guide-books of Albania.

The sea here is so blue and clear that it just glistens with a light of its own. Isolated rocky coves, orange and olive groves, and not (many) a foreign tourist in sight (just a few lovely local donkeys) welcome to the Albanian Riviera. Pitch a tent or rent a cabin and spend days checking out the beaches, caves, and outcroppings.

Dive off the rocks, float in the lukewarm water, do shots of rakia, rely on the kindness of strangers, and, if you’re the less-than-adventurous type who wants hand-holding, luxuries, or entertainment “just click the “skip to next” button, because this one isn’t for you!

dhermi Albania

The settlement presents a very beauty with its characteristic southern architecture amid the conventional Mediterranean greenness. The well educated, polyglots and hospitable inhabitants boost the values of their town.

An interesting fact here is that this small settlement has a large number of churches, about 35, one in about 20 families. The large churches, as the Monastery of the Virgin, located in the top of the hill of Drimadhes, and that of the Saint Theodore in the pinnacle of the hill facing the sea as well as the churches of Saint Harallamb and Saint Spiridhon are interesting non-secular structures, worth of visiting. The mass is mostly held Sundays, and venue of the ceremony is not same.

The natural background of the village and the archaeology of the area make this the perfect mixture for an afternoon of rest.

Dhermi is found in the Albanian Riviera, 52 km from Vlore, 72 km north of Sarande and 210 km from the closest airfield in capital Tirana.

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