6 Bucket-List Destinations for the Adventure Traveler

Jonah Andersson January 23, 2015
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Alaska Mountains

6 Bucket-List Destinations for the Adventure Traveler

Traveling itself is an adventure, but if you love to get your heart beating, you’ll love adding a little spice to your travels. Whether you’re coasting down a roaring river in the middle of a jungle or soaring over the Canadian Rockies, these destinations are a must-have on your bucket list!

Destinations for the Adventure Traveler


Mongolia is an underrated destination. Its sweeping steppes and dramatic mountains make for scenery that literally cannot be found anywhere else. While viewing its landscapes by car can still take your breath away, you truly can’t experience it any better way than by horseback. Head out for a four day trek in the saddle as you traverse the unique steppe landscape to the iconic Mandal Mountain. Along the way, you’ll get to visit with friendly Nomadic families as they take you fishing, teach you traditional Mongolian archery, and take you to small Nomadic festivals. While traveling dozens of miles on a horse is quite the adventure in itself, interacting so intimately with a unique culture is about as adventurous as you can get.


If you are the epitome of adventurous, then you absolutely have to visit the Everest Base Camp. Even if you aren’t ready to actually climb Everest (because who is?), the journey to its base camp is quite a feat in itself. You’ll hike for 14 days to an elevation of over 17,000 feet. Your experienced Sherpa guides will take you through an exploration of the historic Kathmandu and Thami Monastery and guide you through your stays in the Sherpa villages tucked throughout these spectacular mountains. Your hike will include pack animals as you travel from two to six miles per day, gaining hundreds of feet in elevation every day.

IceHotel Sweden
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Located just above the Arctic Circle, the Lapland region of Sweden is a mix of snow-covered mountains, mysterious forests, and unclaimed wilderness. Explore this quiet region of Sweden from a dogsled. With the help of a knowledgeable guide, you’ll get the chance to drive your own team of Alaskan huskies through the snowy wilderness! At the end of a chilly and active day, you can relax in a cozy cabin and step outside to experience the Northern Lights dancing above you. As you travel, you’ll get to visit with the area’s indigenous people, the Sami, and experience their ancient reindeer herding culture that still survives to this day. At the end of your adventure, you’ll stay at the world-famous Ice hotel! What a way to cap off a fabulous trip!

Alaska Mountains
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The waters around Alaska are positively ripe with wildlife. If you thrive in the cold, consider visiting this glacial palace. Paddle through Glacier Bay’s frigid waters and sight orca whales, plump seals, playful otters, and glaciers the size of buildings. When you’re kayaking in Point Adolphus, you’re sure to glimpse humpback whales and porpoises. When you’re ready for some land, explore the historic town of Gustavus and enjoy a hot meal before you get back out onto the sea. Go for a hike through Glacier Bay National Park and be ready with your camera because you’re guaranteed to see moose, bears, and mountain goats.

Grand Canyon
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The Grand Canyon is more than a national treasure. If you’re the sort that likes to hoof it, then you’re in for a treat. The Grand Canyon’s less traveled paths provide an endless amount of hiking opportunities. Start in the pine forests of the North Rim and navigate sandstone trails with stunning views. The South Rim will become more desert as it dazzles you with its rainbow of desert hues. Havasu Canyon is like a small piece of tropical paradise with its turquoise colored waters at the roaring Havasu Falls. Your guide will take you through the most scenic and remote spots of the Canyon, ensuring you’re seen parts of this location most people will never see.


The Salmon River cuts through some of the most wild and scenic areas of Idaho. National Geographic has named the Middle Fork section of the Salmon River as one of the top three white-water rafting locations in the world. If flying down a roaring river in a small raft screams fun to you, then this is a must-see place before your traveling days are over. You’ll see the heart of the Idaho wilderness as you go soaring down the river and get intimate looks at the craggy mountains, Native American rock art sites, and Rocky Mountain wildlife. When your heart isn’t in your throat, you’ll get the chance to relax in natural hot springs, visit historic Lewis and Clark sites, and go for short hikes.

Consider adding some adventure to your travels! While visiting quiet European cities and cute coastal locales is enjoyable, throw some heart pounding action into your trips and you’re sure to end every vacation with a smile on your face.

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