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Jonah Andersson June 7, 2012
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Everyday thousands of people are traveling to other countries for different reasons. Some of them are traveling to find job or business opportunity whereas others travel to make holiday to with their family and friends. Besides fulfilling legal requirements for traveling abroad, every traveler has to follow checklist for specific destination. Preparing travel checklist is very helpful in packing your luggage. It is good to bring necessary things of your daily use along with you as it can be very cost effective and you don’t need to spend your money on items you already have. This not only reduces extra burden from your shoulders it also protects you from bad situation. Packing checklist mainly depends upon your destination and your reason to travel. Few things remain common in all cases like immigration requirements as well few basic things for daily use like shampoo, moisturizer, dresses, shoes and medicines in case you consume them daily.

As we all know Dubai has quite hot and dry climate. You need to carry some lighter cotton dresses, lots of sun screen, moisturizers, sun glasses with UV protection and hats to protect you from sun. Both men and women are not allowed to expose on public places. Swim suits are only allowed on beaches and pools. Dubai is world famous for its alluring white pristine beaches. Dubai beach trip is all time favorite fun tour among tourists and local residents of this city. Dubai beaches are very well developed and provide various fun activities ranges from sunbath and beautiful walks to dining and shopping. Tourists who are planning for Dubai beach trip should prepare a checklist for Dubai beach trip to make real fun without experiencing any problems.

Packing checklist becomes more important if you are going for Dubai beach trip with your family and kids. As kids are more delicate and need special care during such trips. Whether it will be the first experience of your kid on beach trip or he has already been to beaches for several times, following packing checklist for Dubai beach trip is always important. But requirements and level of preparation can alter according to age group of kids and family members going on beach trip. Below is the brief description of checklist for Dubai Beach trip.

Family Checklist:

Irrespective to the ages of your kids and family members, every family needs to include following items in packing checklist for Dubai beach trip.
• Old blanket or Quit to spread on the sand
• Large towels
• Waterproof Sunscreens
• Sun Hats
• Lip Balm with sun screen
• Swimsuits and large T-shirts to wear on Swimsuits
• Flip flop and extra clothes
• Camera, Beach umbrella and folding chairs
• First aid kit and insect repellent
• Lunch, snack and water/beverages
• Large plastic bags for wet clothes and large beach bags

Checklist for Infants and Toddlers:

If you have infants and toddlers in your family you need to add certain specific things in your checklist for Dubai beach trip. As we all know kids need extra care indoors as well as outdoor trips.
• Diaper bags, wet wipes, bibs pacifier and disposable swimming diapers
• Few extra clothes at least 2 dresses
• Favorite beach toys
• Baby powders to remove stick sand off their body
• Buckets and scoops for sand fun activities
• Frisbee, inflatable beach ball, kite, paddle ball and other simple toys they can play on beach
• Floaties for safe swimming
• Jars to collect seashells and other treasure on the beach

Checklist for Mums:

Last but not the least you can forget mums when packing for a Dubai beach trip with your family. Sun glasses, magazines and books.
Making and following checklist for your Dubai beach trip will let you enjoy your trip as much as you can. As you have already packed with everything you will probably need on the beach. It also saves your money and you can easily avoid additional expenses to purchase things you already own.

Author Bio: David Marsha is a passionate guest author on various blogs, he loves to write on diversify topics. Some of his latest posts are about Dubai real estate market and Al Barsha community.

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