Bohol Islands in Philippines Will Take Your Breath Away

Jonah Andersson October 10, 2012
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Bohol Islands, Philippines

Bohol Islands in Philippines Will Take Your Breath Away

Are you a frequent traveller who loves travelling or someone who just wants to break the monotony of a busy schedule and lay back for a few days? Are you looking for a holiday destination that is not too crowded yet fun and serene at the same time? Then, Bohol Islands are the place for you to go. The Bohol islands, is an exotic and exquisite tourist attraction located in the Philippines in the Asian Continent.  The Bohol islands, is a popular choice among tourists due to its outlandish tourist locations and beautiful beaches. Bohol Island is surrounded by 75 wonderful islands. Bohol has magnificent mountains, astonishing caves, wonderful beaches, amazing flora and fauna that make it a dream tourist destination.

 Bohol Islands, Philippines

Whether you want to just lay back and relax in your resort or step out and explore Bohols, there are numerous options to choose from. There are a wide of range of tourist attractions in Bohol Islands. A few of the must visit places among them are Bohol beaches, Bohol caves, and Bohol historical monuments. Several Bohol beach resorts are built in picturesque locations for tourists to savour the beauty of nature.

The Tagbilaran City is the capital of Bohol Island which serves as an entry point to all international tourists to visit Bohol and all the other islands surrounding it. Apart from purely commercial tourist attractions like malls and markets, this city has a museum and a landmark site ‘Sandugo Blood compact monument’ which is a must visit site of Bohol Islands. Sandugo Blood offers a great panoramic view of Bohol Seas, and is a treat to the eyes.

Sandugo in Bohol Philippines
Sandugo in Bohol, Philippines (Image Credit: Wikipedia)

Panglao Island situated south of the Bohol islands is a breathtaking place that has a number of exotic beaches such as the Dumaluan beach and the Alona Beach. One can choose from a number of resorts in Bohols based on their budget and taste. Alon Kew white beach resorts, Alona Palm Beach resort and Blue Sky Beach resort are the most sought after beach resorts in Bohol. Apart from these, there are many other Bohol beach resorts like Bituon Beach resort and Coco White Beach Resort situated in Anda, a serene peninsula situated north east of Bohol.

Bohol Beaches have a unique reputation that they have got the clearest sand that is also exported to the other beaches of the world. Bohol Beaches are also known for their coral reefs and other aquatic species. All the Bohol beach resorts have attached spa and multi cuisine restaurants. Since the Bohol Island was under colonial rule of different countries, it offers all cuisines from all around the world.

Tarsier in Bohol Philippines - Smalles Monkey
Tarsier in Bohol Philippines – Smallest Monkey

Beach oriented adventure sports like scuba diving and dolphin diving is also famous in Bohol. There are many diving schools in Bohol which offers training in diving. Another breathtaking tourist temptation of Bohol Island is the Bohol Caves. Bohol is a home for more than 1400 caves which will stun anybody at first sight.

Bohol Chocolate Hills in Philippines
Chocolate Hills in Philippines

While at the Bohol islands you should not miss visiting the Chocolate hills. These picturesque hills are mesmerizing. Legend has it that the Chocolate hills were formed when two giants flung stone and sand at each other in a gruesome fight. The Chocolate hills are a group of nearly 1268 hills hat are so uniformly shaped that you may for a second think that it is a manmade artefact.


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