Choosing the Best Resort for a Great Family Vacation

Jonah Andersson January 10, 2015
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Choosing the Best Resort for a Great Family Vacation

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If yours is a typical family that has each member with a distinct preference, it can be really difficult to choose a resort that everyone will be happy with when on holiday. However, following a few tips listed below can really help in getting a good deal.

Choose a Destination and a Resort That Has Enough Variety

Even if every member of the family is looking forward to the holiday, it is quite likely that they will become bored quickly if there are not enough choices to keep them entertained. You need to pay a great deal of thought in the selection of the destination that will provide enough variety. When selecting a resort make sure that it has adequate facilities and programs that cater to children of all ages, including outdoor activities. Make sure that the location of the resort is such that it is convenient to access entertainment spots in the vicinity.

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Book Early and the Entire Requirements at One Go

Booking early has multiple benefits. Not only you get the advantage to choose from the widest variety of accommodation, but you can ensure that the entire family can get rooms on the same floor. This will not only maximize their enjoyment, but at the end of the day make it easier for the resort staff to service their requests. Booking early in most resorts such as Tadoba Resort can also get you good room rates, especially, if the group size is large enough.

Ensure a Variety of Dining Options

Food plays a central role in a family vacation and you need to ensure that the resort you choose can provide enough variety in the cuisines it can offer so that the family does not get bored eating in the same restaurant during the entire vacation. Booking an all-inclusive holiday in a resort that has multiple dining options is a great idea but you also need to find out, if you can simply stroll in or you need to make reservations, in which case some amount of planning is involved.

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Be Prepared To Be Flexible

Going on a holiday together does not really have to mean that all members have to be constantly in the company of each other. Before taking a decision about the resort, find out the sort of facilities they have, including any restriction on children, so that each member of the group has something to really look forward to during the vacation. Also be prepared to spend a little more time for the usual hotel formalities like checking in, airport transfers or the checkout process.

Investigate and Ensure Adequate Childcare Facilities

If there are small children in the family, find out if they have a crèche or options for babysitting so that other members do not have to sacrifice their fun and enjoyment. Find out the extent to which the resort is really child-friendly. Are the rooms childproof and safe enough for the kids? Does the resort provide essentials like cribs, crib sheets and mattresses? What about the facilities in the recreational area for small children? Is the area fully functional all the time with trained staff to take care of the kids? What about on-site medical assistance and facilities? Never take a resort’s website claims as being the truth. Ask questions and verify the state of affairs that will exist when you are on vacation.

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Read the Fine Print and Know What the Extras Are

Even if you are booking an all-inclusive stay at the resort, do not take the rates to be completely fixed. Ask if there are any exceptions and you could very well be surprised with the long list of facilities that you had thought were covered; such as, use of Internet, telephone, babysitting services and service charges.


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