Some of the Best Drivers in History (Infographic)

Jonah Andersson December 19, 2013
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Some of the Best Drivers in History (Infographic)

When you are talking about the very best drivers amongst us inevitably you have to delve deep through the worlds of both Formula One and Rally Driving.

One world puts drivers in cars that are perhaps amongst some of the fastest we have on Earth and require hours of intense mental focusing and concentration. The other world puts its drivers in some more extreme, rougher conditions, which often tests driver’s abilities to manoeuvre and control their vehicles on rougher and harsher terrains.

Both worlds are equally as challenging as each other and require an unbelievable level of will-power, skill and determination to get results. We have compiled a list of professional drivers who we think fall into this category of greatness and are ultimately the top five drivers in the world. We analyse their stats, their early careers and explain how they have come to be the drivers they are today.

Formula one is the highest class racing in the single seater auto racing category. The term formula here means “the set of certain rules which are cars and driver must follow”. There are other people as well which directly and indirectly participated in the racing. Apart from the driver, there are constructor team, racing track officials and circuit maintenance team. Car rally is different from formula one race in many aspects. The major differences are that these rallies run on specially build peer to peer set control points.

This infographic is produced by Ingear Driving lessons school.

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