Top 5 Best Adventurous Destinations in the World

Jonah Andersson December 28, 2012
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Adventures in New Zealand

Top 5 Best Adventurous Destinations in the World

Travelling relieves you from all the stress and tension of your daily activities and chores. Dump your business meetings and the hustle-bustle of the town for some fun and adventure this holiday. It is important to revitalise your body, mind and soul alike and the best place are to do this is by planning a fun adventure trip. If you need any financial assistance in the course of the trip, take help of payday loans. There are several places in the world but here is the list of the…

Top five best adventurous destinations in the world:


adventurous Destinations in the World

New Zealand:

This is a place which must be visited by all the adventure lovers as it gives you a great opportunity to try different things. Queenstown is famous for its adventure activities and has been attracting several thrill seekers from all over the world. Try white-water rafting in the angry waters, which challenges everyone. You can choose from Kawarau River for beginners and Shotover River for the experts and so on. You have a lot of choices which is thrilling and satiates every rafter’s hunger for adventure.



This place is home to the highest peak in the world that is the Mt. Everest. This has motivated several adventure seekers to trek the unspoiled mountains of the Himalayan ranges. This stands as an open challenge for anyone who wants to test his own mettle both physically and mentally and the Annapurna Base Camp being the most famous. Trek these mountains to challenge and push yourself to extremes.

Adventures in Nepal



This place has one of the amazing coral reefs in the world. If you are a water baby and don’t mind getting wet, then this is the best destination for you. White beaches, warm waters and what more sand, surf and fun will be awaiting your arrival. You can swim with sharks if you are an extreme adventurer or opt for scuba diving. You can witness several colours in the sea which is mesmerising and magical.


Australia Adventures


If you are one who wants thrills and speeds then the next place on the list is your cup of tea. There is no other way to experience the jaw-dropping thrill of being suspended in the air than skydiving. Though there are thousands of places yet Florida stands out with its magnificent view and anyone can try this extreme sport.

Sky Diving in Florida
Sky Diving in Florida

South Africa:

Have you ever thought about skateboarding on the white dunes of Atlantis Dunes? Yes, this is a perfect idea if you want to try smoothing new and interesting. The place is forty minutes away from the main city Cape Town. Many professionals and armatures from all over the globe come here to test their skills. The dunes are popular for the smooth sands which make it possible to skate on them. So try this adventure and plan your trip to South Africa.


Skate Boarding in South Africa
Skate Boarding in South Africa










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