Five Essential Beauty Gadgets for Travel

Jonah Andersson November 20, 2011
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Beauty Gadgets for Travel

Planning for a recent trip out-of-state, I decided to pack light. While cramming all you own into a carry-on has its advantages at the airport, I soon found that it also has its drawbacks. Look at the regulations surrounding carry-ons for any airline carrier and you’ll soon find that there are more restricted items than you would think. I soon found that it was essential to pack smart while packing light. Here are some great beauty gadgets, perfect for travel, that both fit nicely in your bag and won’t have you stopped at security.

3-1-1 Totally Compliant Carry-on Kit

This kit was my lifesaver! 10 clear bottles plus a small, hairspray-type bottle allowed me to pack all of my shampoo, conditioner, body wash, moisturizer and hair products in my carry-on. Check with your airline carrier and be sure of their requirements. Some allow for toiletry bag and others require a clear, quart sized bag for your bottles.

Conair MiniPro Ceramic Curling Iron

With a barrel that measures only an inch long, this little iron can fit in any corner of your bag without taking up any space at all. Even better: it comes with its own carrying case! Give this iron a few practice runs at home or you’ll find yourself burning your fingers on the barrel. I love this iron so much that I find that it’s my go-to iron at home.

Hot Sock Ultralight Diffuse

Virtually every hotel offers a hair dryer as part of their amenities package which means you don’t need to pack your own. The same is true if you are staying with friends or relatives. However, if, like me, you have curly hair, blow drying without a diffuser can turn your head into a bird’s nest. The hot sock solves the problem completely. The travel diffuser fits over any hair dryer you run into without the hassle and works like a charm.

Hot Sock Ultralight Diffuse

Lewis N. Clark Hanging Toiletry Kit

Lewis N Clark Hanging Toiletry Kit

Rather than packing several small bags for all the little things, I bought this toiletry kit. It’s great for tweezers, a toothbrush, travel sized toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash, deodorant and all of the essentials. I love that it unfolds and then hangs in the bathroom so you have quick access to anything you need. Once it’s emptied, it folds small for easy storage in a drawer or cupboard.

Clinique Travel Set

Clinique Travel Set

I am admittedly addicted to Clinique. Rather than lugging my full size bottles, jars and tubes with me, I found this great travel set packed with essentials. There are travel kits available from Philsophy, Estee Lauder, J Crew and virtually any cosmetics company you can think of. If you can get by with the basics for a week or two, I highly recommend one of these sets. Do a bit of searching or talk to the girls at the cosmetics counter and see what your favorite brand has to offer.

Traveling with a carry-on is a wonderful thing! There are no long waits to check in baggage and you don’t have to wait for your luggage to come off of the plane. Restrictions involved with carry-on luggage can make it a challenge to pack a great bag but these products made my packing hassle free.


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