Fashionably Exotic – The Bahamian Getaway For Two

Jonah Andersson February 14, 2013
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Bahamian Getaway

Fashionably Exotic – The Bahamian Getaway For Two

The Commonwealth of the Bahamas consists of about 3000 islands engulfed by the Atlantic Ocean. The natural beauty of these islands is an attraction to the admiring eyes of sailors, scuba divers, and other spectators with a taste for the exotic. Deep-sea fishing, kite boarding, various water sports, dolphin – and shark excursions are all activities to be explored in this luxury paradise. The average water temperature is around 80°F all year long, resembling silky bathwater. Bahamians are hospitable and warm hosts, always eager to introduce their culture and cuisine to curious spectators. As most of the major island are equally mesmerizing it is important to do some island hopping and see at least both Nassau/Paradise Island and the Great Bahama Island. The Bahamas are great for couples, as the activities and places to visit have an intimate, but exciting atmosphere to them.

Bahamian Getaway

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Naturally the main attractions of these islands are the beautiful beaches and incredible sea life. 5 % of the global coral reef population is located in the Bahamas; thus exploring these underwater wonders is a must. One such attraction is the Atlantis Blue Hole, is a large passage surrounded by coral reefs, with a number of ship wrecks accumulated over the years. It is 85 meters deep and 12 meters wide, with immense tidal currents. According to the legend, it is inhabited by a monster Lusca that entraps mariners and drags them into the depths of the hole. The Atlantis Blue Hole can be visited by yachts and it’s probably a good idea to plan a whole day of relaxation with champagne for two and romantic scuba diving in the area.

Bahamian Getaway

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For couples interested in culture, history, and art, there are of course historical attractions around the islands such The Bahamas Historical Society, the Gambier Historical Village, and the Native Colony Ruins, and cultural attractions such as the Festival Place that is a reminder of the artists and craftsmen who used to trade between the island communities, and today, the spot where one is able to purchase traditional Bahamian crafts and souvenirs.

Bahamian Getaway

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Shopping and Fashion

One of the main shopping areas is the main street, namely Bay Street. Bay Street is the oldest central street in the city of Nassau and is visited by millions of tourists.  From an architectural perspective, the designs reflect the historical remains of the British Colonization.  Similarly in downtown Nassau, A Baker & Sons’ offers men’s clothing such as ties, dress shirts, caps, along with children’s clothing. Moreover, for those interested in purchasing jewelry, A Divine Design offers a variety of silver and gold jewels, as well as a number of semi-precious stones. For those with a taste for leather, Alliyah’s Leather Craft provides sandals, purses, belts, hair clips and the like, handmade locally.

Bahamian Getaway


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As with other luxurious trips, a getaway to paradise must be accompanied by an equally luxurious accommodation, it is, though, possible to enjoy luxury with an all inclusive option. At the Viva Wyndham Club Furtuna Beach Resort, there are a number of activities available, such as snorkeling, fishing, yacht cruising, diving, with an active nightlife in the area. There are two restaurants, a gym, three bars, and a view on the ocean or the surrounding gardens.

Bahamian Getaway

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A more luxurious but rather pricy choice is the Musha Cay, a private island in the Southern region, where one basically owns the island. The size of the island is about 150 acres with elegant accommodation and absolutely no touristic intrusion. The Musha Cay is the manifestation of the privacy and peace with personal staff and a limitless usage of all island facilities and services. This means 21 private beaches, 8 jetskis, 35 staff members and an absolutely blissful existence and stay at either a mansion or a beach house.

Bahamian Getaway for two

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