21st Century Technology Hotels in Tenerife

Jonah Andersson August 16, 2013
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Technology Hotels in Tenerife

21st Century Technology Hotels in Tenerife

Technology Hotels in Tenerife
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Technology in hotels you say? Did you know that some hotels are becoming quite the 21st century hotel with all types of technology laid on from Wi-Fi, iPads, digital TV to touch pads for the lights. I am particularly interested in the use of technology in hotels and those available in hotels in Tenerife so I decided to do some research.

So what do high tech or “hi-tech” hotels have to offer? The trend now is to offer more than just good Wi-Fi connections and offer more technology. The industry is becoming more techno-aware in offering ways for people to use technology instead of using print.  Some of the really “techie” hotels are offering iPhones instead of cards or keys which helps the guest find their unmarked hotel room and opens the lock for them. Huge plasma or LED screens in the corridors direct the guest to their destination. Front desk lobbies of hotels are adding more technology in the form of plasma screens to advertise offers, give information on flights, transport, updated local and world news, weather and hotel notices. They are also offering guests a booking system using technology so they can book a place at the spa or hire a car.


Best Hotel Technology

There are hotels all over the world that offer gaming suites for the real gamers on holidays. They can order a room that has a large plasma or LED screen with Wii, Play Station or other gaming devices.

Some of the other “techie” amenities that can be found worldwide in the hotel industry include:


  • iPad2 for room service and spa bookings
  • Smart-glass walls in the bathroom that can turn opaque
  • Heated, steam-proof mirrors in the bathroom with embedded TV to watch
  • Beds that are electronically adjustable with massage programmes and built-in speakers connected to stereo and TV.
  • Robot to store baggage after checking out so that guests can roam and tour
  • Airline style kiosks to check in
  • Rooms with motorised moving beds
  • Techno-wall with television and music
  • iPod docking stations
  • Nokia mobile system that picks up calls in the hotel room
  • Mood-enhancing colour themes in the hotel room
  • Tropical rain showers in the bathroom
  • Mobile apps to help pack or know what to pack for your trip
  • Opt to order a mobile at the hotel destination that will have numbers of local restaurants and other services
  • iMac in hotel rooms
  • iPhones given to guests to communicate with staff, and apps for registering, checking out, reservations at the hotel restaurant and more
  • Tablets for guests with pre-loaded UK bestsellers
  • Wristbands with Facebook profiles that will send messages to Facebook wall posting status of where you are in the hotel
  • Swimming pools with LED lights and underwater speakers
  • Media lounge with Wii games, Guitar Hero, etc.
  • Computer-controlled lighting, temperature and media options
  • Adjustable dining tables

The list could go on but that should give you a flavour of where the hotel industry is going with integrating technology into its services and living style.

For business gatherings, there are hotels that offer the best in technology to provide a worthwhile experience: sound-proofed conference rooms, plasma screens, air conditioning, teleconference equipment, WiFi, and much more.

Hotels are moving into the 21st century. Like having an iPhone as your check-in device that is capable of unlocking your room.  Or communicating with the plasma screen in the corridor which gives you a message when you arrive. Amazing! I also like the fact that iPads are being used more and are the preferred devices for communications in the hotel room to communicate with staff, or to find out information and even to book a reservation in the hotel restaurant. I think that the automatic registration kiosks to check-in and check-out of the hotel is a great idea as it avoids queues though some hotels are actually using the iPads for that function. It is interesting to see that some hotels are becoming really “techie” and are using Facebook for reservations and then offering guests a wristband that connects with their account when it is swiped at the many FB swipes that they have dotted around the hotel grounds.



Image by Cruise Buzz via Flickr

A good place to go when the rest of Europe is covered in snow and rain are the Canary Islands and specifically, the hotels in Tenerife.  It is a great place for a great getaway.  While Tenerife might be an island and may not seem as technology-minded as other places in the world, the hotels are making plans to keep up with the industry standards that are being developed in terms of offering and using technology. Some hotels boast the latest technology available for the use of the guests and for their greater comfort.


Candelaria, a village in Tenerife, Canary Islands
Panoramic view from Candelaria, a village in Tenerife, Canary Islands

Technology won’t take away having someone in the lobby as it will free them up to do other things and to be more available for guests when they have questions. I like to think that we can use technology to improve our lifestyles and assist us especially in the mundane activities like registering/checking in. Sounds like fun. I am eager to try it. In Tenerife, there are hotels that offer technology that complement their services, so have a look at hotels in Tenerife to find out more.




Author Bio:

Ariana Louis loves technology and also loves to travel.  She is a freelance writer for local media firms and online travel companies.  Ariana loves animals and loves to walk by the sea every morning with her dog Jasper.  She is qualified in hotel management and has worked as a travel guide for some years during the summer to pay for studies.  Her speciality in travel are destinations in Europe and Asia.  Ariana is helped by Travel Republic, which offers hotels in Tenerife, whenever she books a trip abroad. She speaks 3 languages and so is able to converse with the locals in many places.



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